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Household Chemical Manufacturer

Amcea collaborated with a household chemicals manufacturer to design a new business model to integrate direct-to-consumer (DTC) selling. Even though they excelled in their B2B model, the objective was to broaden their sales channels to achieve higher profit margins.

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We collaborated with a chemical manufacturer to devise a consumer-facing (B2C) business model that complements rather than competes with their existing B2B operations. Recognizing the inherent risks of integrating a potentially cannibalistic model, we implemented a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy. Furthermore, we strategically differentiated the product lines in the B2C segment to safeguard against potential vendor conflicts.

36% Revenue Growth

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Working with the organization's operations team, we discerned various avenues to reduce operational expenses while upholding both quality and safety standards. Through a refined marketing approach, we streamlined advertising costs. Additionally, we devised tailored pricing and promotional strategies to stimulate increased consumer engagement and curiosity towards new products, improving customer loyalty.

$1.1M in Cost Savings

Chinese Medicine

We worked with this organization to revamp their website to provide consumers with a more user-friendly and informative platform, thereby enhancing their understanding and perceived value. Furthermore, we optimized distribution channels to effectively reach and engage target consumer psychographics and behaviors. While chemicals are acknowledged for their serious nature, often characterized by a utilitarian interface, we assisted our client in crafting a more engaging and user-friendly experience. In response to the inherent risks associated with chemical delivery to consumer households, we implemented a robust system in collaboration with our delivery partners to ensure a secure and reliable delivery process.

27% increase in online sales


Our client's B2B customer did not expand much, but their B2C client list expanded exponentially. resulting in an 85% client increase which allowed them the financial means to expand to a new location after 1 year. 

34% increase in employee morale


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