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Clothing Retail Chain

Amcea worked with an underperforming clothing retail chain to develop new strategies to guide the company towards greater profitability.


65% Revenue Growth & 35% Increase in Store Traffic

Working with our client, we created a unique experience that captured the customers attention. With an aggressive marketing tactic combined with new customer incentives, we were able to increase revenues by approximately 65% within 6 months. 

47% Increase in Online Sales

With new trends in the fashion industry, we worked with our client to launch initiatives that intrigued their customer base. 

27% Increase in Employee Morale

The new experience required the assistance of the store employees. With additional training programs set in place and a new benefit structure for employees, employees were more motivated to perform better.

18% Cost Savings

With new promotional incentives for customers and new pricing plans, our client was able to reduce their costs by 18%.

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