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Consumer Services Provider

Amcea worked with a Wellness provider that offers a variety of services to their clients. Their goal was to expand their reach and re-strategize their operations to capture a larger market-share and profit margin. 


67% Revenue Growth

Working with our client and their customers, we developed an aggressive marketing tactic that helped the company grow exponentially within one year. As the wellness industry is highly saturated, we helped identify its target client persona and rebranded with new service offerings and a niche to captivate a larger client base.

30% Cost Savings

As our client's goal was to increase their profit margins, we developed a new pricing strategy and reduced unnecessary costs. We also helped our client improve their operational efficiency through process improvement. This allowed our client to reduce their costs by approximately 30% which also increased their profit margins.

27% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Since the service industry relies on its customer's satisfaction, we helped our client develop promotional opportunities and new pricing strategies that aligned with their customer's needs. Within 2 months, there was a 27% increase in customer satisfaction.

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