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Product Manufacturing Company

Amcea worked with an underperforming storage container manufacturing company to improve operational efficiency, target a new market, and increase client retention rates.


56% Revenue Growth

Working with our client's customer base, we redefined its ideal buyers’ needs and developed more products to meet those needs. We also decreased production of products that did not meet a certain sales expectation. To improve customer retention and loyalty, we developed a unique interactive experience for B2B and B2C clients. This resulted in an overall growth of 56%.

Expanded to New Location

Our client's goal was to expand to a new location within two years; however, with the sudden increase in performance from the niche product and meeting buyers' needs, the company was able to expand in less than 1 year.

10M in Cost Savings

With backend process improvement, we reduced the cost of production and improved operational efficiency. We also worked with our client to develop new pricing and promotional strategies as well as a risk mitigation sequence to ensure successful implementation without overlooking our client's budget. With the new system and strategies, our client was able to reduce their operational expenses.

37% Client Increase

As we worked with our client and their B2B clients, we developed a model to meet each individual client's needs without increasing costs. In 1 year, our client's customer base grew by 37% and expanded into a new location.

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