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B2B Service Provider

Amcea worked with a B2B service provider to improve customer retention rates and to design a more personalized and unique experience for each of its clients.

Headset and Keyboard

Working with our client, we designed a unique and personalized experience to retain and improve customer satisfaction. As a highly competitive industry, our client also needed to find a niche within their service offerings to remain competitive. Through client interviews, we were able to make recommendations about other service offerings our clients needed to implement in order to garner a greater number of clientele. Within 1 year, our client's revenues increased by 47%.

47% Revenue Growth

Tablet User

We worked with our client's finance and operations team to determine where operational expenses could be reduced. We restructured their teams and created a risk mitigation sequence plan to offset the investment needed to implement their new business model. With personalization came additional costs, but with the plan, we were able to minimize the expenses and ultimately save $12.6M within 1 year. 

$12.6M in Cost Savings

Clicking on a Tablet

The new personalized experience, service offerings, and employee training proved to be impactful as our clients revenues steadily increased and customer satisfaction ratings also improved.

49% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms

Through initial internal analyses, as with most service industry employees, we realized morale was relatively low. For the new business model to perform well, our client needed their employees to be constantly satisfied. We provided customer service training to employees and created an incentives and activities plan, within our clients budget, with proven methods to boost morale for their employees.

34% Increase in Employee Morale


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