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Business Management Consulting

General consulting services to address complex organizational and operational problems. Improving your company’s internal operations and efficiency of the value chain is necessary to help reduce operational costs and generate higher revenues. Under operations consulting, we offer organizational and supply chain consulting: 

  • Organizational consulting focuses on the internal organization.

  • Supply chain consulting focuses on the business operations and utilization of resources.

What We Do

At Amcea Consulting, we work with an organization's leadership team to assess the company, identify problems, perform comprehensive data analysis, find the root cause, and make/implement recommendations to solve the problem. 


We analyze the business structure, processes, employees, and work with leadership to develop cost effective and efficient developmental strategies. We focus on improving performance across all departments of the organization and boosting employee morale.

Supply Chain

We focus on helping your business streamline supply chain related activities across the value chain, from production to customer delivery through processes such as Lean and Six Sigma.

Examples of our work

We helped a restaurant group increase their production rate and sales through an operational efficiency analysis, developed ways to encourage employee collaboration, and reduced costly variations.

To see more, visit our portfolio page.

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