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CX Strategy Consulting

A superior CX strategy for any company can be a key differentiator and competitive advantage to accelerate revenue growth. As consumer behavior and spending habits are constantly evolving, implementing an immersive and tailored CX strategy can encourage more consumer spending. Research has shown that 49% of consumers make impulse purchases when provided an exceptional, personalized experience. While 80% of companies believe they are providing a superior experience, only 8% of customer believe they have received a superior experience.

What We Do

We help our clients design, drive, and implement CX strategies that unite their company values with their customers' values and needs. Each CX strategy we design is innovative and unique to each client. We focus on creating immersive, inclusive, yet exclusive experiences; experiences that allows customers to become deeply immersed into the world our client builds. Once a CX strategy is established, we work with our clients to determine metrics to track customer satisfaction and create and conduct team trainings to execute and implement the strategy. With this, organizations can then become more customer centric, matching customer needs with an memorable experience, creating long-term sustainable values and perpetual customer relationships.


Examples of our work

We worked with a luxury fashion retailer to develop an immersive and exclusive CX strategy for their new perfume line that resulted in exceeding their sales goals by 55%.

To see more, visit our portfolio page.

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