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Consumer Service Industry

As the service industry moves towards greater personalization, service companies must find different ways to appease all their customers without overlooking their budget. Rapid changes in consumer behavior demands prompt responses from service providers and proactive economic foresight. At Amcea, we help our consumer service providers design flexible business models for their service offerings, create engaging customer experiences tailored to individual preferences, and prepare for economic shifts through effective risk mitigation strategies.  

Who We Service

F&B Consumer Services
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Consumer Service Providers
Fitness and Wellness Providers
Travel and Tourism

Our Client Works in the Consumer Services Industry

To learn more about our work and results with our clients, click on the images below.

Some of Amcea's past works include the following


Amcea worked with a wellness provider to expand their service offerings, design an advantageous customer experience cycle, and develop a strategic plan to capture a larger market-share.

Meeting at office

Amcea worked with a B2B support service provider to develop a customer experience lifecycle to increase customer loyalty and retention rates.


Amcea worked with a home improvements/service provider to develop a strategic B2C and customer experience plan to improve customer retention and loyalty.

Buffet Table

Amcea worked with a corporate catering company to develop an exclusive and elevated customer experience cycle to obtain a greater competitive advantage and higher retention rates.

*Not all of our work is featured in our portfolio. To learn more about our work and results within your industry, please contact us or schedule a meeting with us here.*

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