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Home Improvements /Services Provider

Amcea worked with a home improvements and repair company to remedy problems caused by supply chain issues and develop a personalized and immersive customer experience to increase customer loyalty and retention.

Renovation Construction

Post COVID, our client struggled to recover from loss of clients due to supply chain issues. To remedy this issue, we worked with our client to design an immersive, transparent, and innovative experience for their clients. This helped their clients better understand the supply chain issues and convinced many to work with our client rather than immediately disregarding them to work with a different provider. Within 9 months, our client was able to recuperate from their losses and improved their revenues by 43%.

47% Revenue Growth

Floor Renovation

Since our client had very limited funds due to loss of clientele, we worked with the finance, operations, and marketing team to identify areas to decrease expenses. With very limited room for error, we created a risk mitigation plan to ensure costs were lower than revenues as we proceed to implement our recommendations. Within 9 months, we were able to help our client reduce expenses by $13M, providing them more leverage moving forward.  

$13M in Cost Savings

Renovation Construction

During our time working with our client we implemented and optimized the new customer experience to ensure success. With this new, personalized experience, customer satisfaction increased by 67%. 

67% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Home Renovation

Through interviews with employees, we discovered below average employee morale. Since the new experience required employees to be positive and confident, we provided customer service training and worked with our client to incorporate consistent employee activities to maintain morale. Even though our client had a limited budget, we were able to work with the finance team to fund these activities and develop a new incentive package to boost morale.

37% Increase in Employee Morale


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