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Corporate Catering Company

Amcea worked with a corporate catering company to improve customer retention rates and develop a more inclusive and exclusive experience to attract new clientele.


55% Revenue Growth

Our clients revenue had been declining month to month for a year primarily due to low customer satisfaction and perceived food quality. We worked with our client to redesign their business model to implement a more inclusive, exclusive, and entertaining experience for each client. This improved our client's customer retention rates and increased revenues by  55% within 9 months.

37% Increase in Clientele

With the new business model, our client gained more referrals and attracted many new customers through new marketing and promotional campaigns. Within 9 months, their clientele increased by 37%.

$1.5M in Cost Savings

While designing the new business model, we worked with our client's team to minimize costs and mitigate implementation risks. Redesigning employee incentive packages, we reduce turnover and increased morale. Furthermore, the new business model allowed our client to reduce their overall operational expenses and increase profit margins. 

52% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Our client's clientele responded very positively to the new business model. Additionally, we provided customer service training to employees and helped our client identify new suppliers to improve quality. 

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