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Industrial Hardware Manufacturer

Amcea worked with an Industrial Hardware Manufacturer that provided home and commercial building repairs and remodeling to develop an exclusive customer experience lifecycle to increase customer satisfaction and retention.  

Hardware Warehouse

During our time working with our client, we found many issues that caused low customer satisfaction, including lack of communication and service quality. To improve this, we helped our client design and implement an immersive and exclusive customer experience and provided employee training to maintain these standards.

47% Revenue Growth

Lumber Selection at Hardware Store

We  focused on helping our client create new pricing and promotional strategies as well as product reduction to hedge choice fatigue. In combination with corporate organizational changes and operational process improvement, we were able to help our client reduce their expenses by $11M.

$11M in Cost Savings

Building Facade

During our initial analysis, we found many unpopular standard products that customers were able to find elsewhere at competitive prices. We helped our client reduce their inventory and create new products based on their target customers' needs. Within 6 months of launching, online B2C sales increased by 43%.

43% Increase in Online B2C Sales

Construction Site

Post organizational restructuring, we provided customer service training and helped our client organize events to build team trust and morale. Additionally, working with the finance and HR team, we restructured employee incentives and incorporated more training opportunities to encourage internal growth. Within 6 months, employee morale improved by 27% from a 68/100 to an 86/100 rating.

29% Increase in Employee Satisfaction


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