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Construction Site

Building Materials Manufacturer

Amcea worked with a Building Materials Manufacturer to improve its operational efficiency and develop an immersive and elevated B2B and B2C customer experience cycle with the intent to expand within 2 years. 

Construction Components

During our time working with our client, we found that they could launch a B2C service offering that would target a larger market than the market they were currently servicing. By improving upon their operational efficiency and customer experience, our client was able to maintain their B2B relationships while expanding upon their B2C relations. With the new elevated customer experience for both B2B and B2C, customer retention and referral rates were high, allowing the company to increase its revenues by 125% within 2 years.

125% Revenue Growth

Renovating House

With process improvements to achieve operational efficiency, our client was able to decrease their costs while increasing their revenue due to greater output results. With a heavier B2C focus, we developed new pricing and promotional strategies that reduced their marketing expenses. Additionally,  we provided team training and helped our client organize activities to promote employee morale, reducing turnover.

$22M in Cost Savings

Rolls of Wallpaper

Our client's initial goal was to expand at the two year mark, from when we finished working with them. However with a slight shift in their business model to focus more heavily on the B2C market, they maximized output quicker than they initially anticipated primarily due to the elevated consumer experience we had helped them  implement.

Expanded to New Location in 1 year

Under Construction

Our client's B2B customer did not expand much, but their B2C client list expanded exponentially. resulting in an 85% client increase which allowed them the financial means to expand to a new location after 1 year. 

85% Client Increase


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