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Card Room

Amcea worked with a card room, post COVID, to design and implement strategies to regain regular foot traffic, boost employee morale, and elevate the customer experience.


27% Revenue Growth

Post COVID, our client had many financial restraints due to lack of business during and after COVID. Working within their financial bounds, we developed promotional strategies targeted specifically for their target customers to bring back foot traffic. To improve foot traffic, we designed an elevated customer experience to attract new consumers and encourage consumer spending. Within 6 months of implementation, revenues increased by 27%.

32% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Following organizational reformation, we provided customer service training as this is a pertinent part to implementing a successful elevated customer experience. Within 6 months, NPS surveys indicated a 32% increase in customer satisfaction.

$2.5M in Cost Savings

With limited funds, we worked to reduce our clients expenses. With organizational reformation, new pricing and promotional strategies, and process improvement for operational efficiency, we were able to help our client reduce their expenses significantly. Additionally, we made sure to follow a strict risk mitigation plan during implementation to ensure success prior to investing large sums of money. Altogether, our client was able to save $2.5M.

42% Increase in Employee Morale

We provided employees training to encourage internal opportunities and worked with the executive team to implement employee activities to build employee confidence and motivation. Activities also helped to reduce tension amongst co-workers and notification of internal promotional opportunities, reinvigorates employees. 

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