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Casino/Gaming Establishment

Amcea worked with an underperforming casino/gaming establishment to develop new concepts to improve customer satisfaction and customer re-visitation rates. Their goal was to capture a larger market-share and profit margin. 


39% Revenue Growth

Working with our client and their customers, we developed a niche concept that provided a unique customer experience. As the casino industry continues to become more competitive and customer spending habits become less flexible, our client's customer experience strategy needed to be elevated. We helped our client implement new concepts and developed new marketing and pricing tactics to attract consumers and encourage loyalty.

65% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

With organizational culture training, we were able to help our client retrain their employees to focus on the customer. Additionally, we developed new promotional opportunities that aligned with their customer's wants. Within 6 months, there was a 65% increase in customer satisfaction.

$28M in Cost Savings

As our client's goal was to increase their profit margins, we developed a new pricing strategy. Furthermore, with process improvement, we were able to help our client improve their operational efficiency. This allowed our client to reduce their costs by approximately 18% which also increased their profit margins.

32% Increase in Employee Satisfaction

In addition to further training, we helped our clients develop benefits that would satisfy their employees without increasing their payroll expenses outside their budget. This increase in employee satisfaction positively translated to an increase in customer satisfaction.

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