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Clothing Retail Chain

Amcea worked with an underperforming clothing retail chain to develop immersive in-store and online customer experiences as well as strategies to guide the company towards greater profitability.


65% Revenue Growth & 35% Increase in Store Traffic

Working with our client, we created a unique experience that captured the customers' attention. With an aggressive marketing tactic combined with new customer incentives, pricing strategies, and positioning strategies, we were able to increase revenues by approximately 65% within 6 months. 

47% Increase in Online Sales

With new trends in the fashion industry, we worked with our client to launch sustainability initiatives that attracted new customers and promoted greater customer loyalty.

27% Increase in Employee Morale

The new experience required the assistance of the store employees. With additional training programs set in place and a new benefit structure for employees, employees were more motivated to perform better.

$17M in Cost Savings

With new promotional incentives for customers, new pricing plans, and a risk mitigation plan, our client was able to reduce their costs by 17M.

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