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Fast Causal Restaurant Group

Amcea worked with a fast casual restaurant group to implement unique experiences and menus to help improve performance for several of their restaurants.

Restaurant Interior

We helped our client develop new promotional opportunities and pricing strategies to maximize profit levels. In culmination with the significant growth in several restaurants, the group's overall revenue increased by 47%. 

47% Revenue Growth

Restaurant Neon Sign

With new promotional and pricing strategies, as well as process improvement for operational efficiency, we were able to help our client significantly reduce their operational expenses. We worked with the executive team to conduct organizational reformation and employee customer satisfaction training to encourage opportunities for external growth, reducing turnover. 

$5M in Cost Savings

Restaurant Table

Working with each of our client's restaurants, we identified its customer base and developed new concepts that better fit their needs. Taking advantage of the gaps in the market for certain restaurant locations, we helped our client rebrand to fill that gap. Additionally, we helped our client design and implement intriguing customer experiences, resulting in several restaurants performing 45% better.

45%+ Revenue Growth in Multiple Restaurants

Restaurant Robot

As with most restaurants, employee morale and loyalty was low. Working with our client, we developed a feasible plan that provided more incentives to employees. We also helped the organization redefine their company culture to retain employees and drive employee satisfaction. This resulted in a 55% increase in employee morale within 2 months.  

55% Increase in Employee Morale


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