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Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and Produce Farm

Amcea worked with a fruit and produce farm to improve their B2B reputation, develop a B2C sales and marketing strategy, and design an immersive customer experience, virtually and onsite.

Colorful Fruits

Working with our clients, we developed a quality standards guideline and new promotional strategies to increase B2B sales. For our client to standout amongst their B2B sales competitors, we created a niche to overcome this issue, gaining some customer power back. Since our client saw opportunities for B2C sales, we focused heavily on designing an entertaining and immersive experience to drive traffic to their location. For B2C customers, out of state, we designed a virtual experience that allowed them to interact with our client. 

62% Revenue Growth

Tropical Fruit

With new promotional and pricing strategies targeted towards B2C customers our client was able to increase revenues and reduce costs acquired from B2B. During our initial internal analysis, we found areas where process improvements could help reduce costs. With the new B2C concepts, process improvements, and a risk mitigation plan, we were able to reduce their expenses by $26M. 

$2.6M in Cost Savings

Fresh Fruit in Containers

With the new virtual interactive system, customer loyalty quickly grew which allowed for an increase of 23% in online sales. This was equivalent to approximately $35M within 6 months. 

23% increase in online sales

Bowl of Fruits

We helped our client implement the new immersive customer experiences, develop new pricing and promotional strategies to inform new customers of our client's new concepts, and create a unique value for visiting customers. With these strategies and concepts, foot traffic increased by 175%.

175% increase in location traffic


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