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Packaged Food Company

Amcea worked with a granola company that focused on health and unique flavors. We worked with our client to revamp their offerings and helped them reassess their company's strategic direction.


$9M in Cost Savings

We worked with our client to develop a model to determine supply of each product they produced. Even though packaged foods are typically non-perishable for a significant duration of time, our clients used a healthy formula that made their products a little more perishable. This model helped our clients reduce their inventory and discard products that were not performing well resulting in a 35% decrease in their expenses.

Entered several retail stores

With the success of their new product line and a goal to expand the company, our clients were able to place their new product line into several  retail stores.

Exceeded Sales Goals by 45%

Working with our client and its targeted customer base, we helped our client develop a new line of products that better fit the needs of their target customers. With a new line of products that we helped our client define and develop, the company exceeded its expected monthly sales goals within 6 months. 

125% Revenue Growth

With a successful new product line and entering into several retail stores, the company's revenue growth reached over 125%.

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