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Home Goods Retailer

Amcea worked with an underperforming home goods retail chain to develop an immersive in-store customer experiences for each location and improve employee morale.


65% Revenue Growth

Working with each of our client's locations, we developed new strategies and marketing tactics to increase store and online traffic. We helped our client implement a niche store experience to compete with other retailers in each location, resulting in an overall 65% revenue growth.

40% Increase in Employee Morale

As with many retailers, we discovered low employee loyalty. Working closely with executives and store managers, we redefined the company's organizational culture and  developed an employee incentive plan that did not result in additional payroll expenses. 

Increased Store Traffic by 30% 

We worked with our client to redefine and segment their customers and their needs. With the data, we implemented new pricing and promotional plans for each location.  Overall in store traffic for all locations combined increased by approximately 30%.

45% Increase in Online Sales

Working with our client, we focused on retraining customer service representatives to better meet the needs of online shoppers. With an increase in good reviews and stronger presence from marketing, online sales increased by approximately 45%.

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