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Smelling Perfume

Fashion and Luxury Retail Company

Amcea worked with a luxury retail group to develop a new strategic direction for the company and to develop new strategies to gain traction for their new perfume and natural skincare collection.

Clothes on Outdoor Rack

With aggressive luxury and traditional marketing tactics, we were able to position and intrigue many new buyers with the new immersive experience. Combined with all the other initiatives Amcea helped create and implement, the company's overall growth exceeded 70%. 

70% Overall Revenue Growth

Clothing Store

Working with our client, we created a niche immersive experience to promote their new perfume collection. Within the second month, our client's new perfume collection met and exceeded its sales goal by over 55%. 

Exceeded Sales Goals by over 55%

Shopping Bags

We worked with our client to redefine and segment their customers and their needs. With the data, we implemented new pricing, promotional, and branding initiatives for each location.

Increased Store Traffic by 45%

Vintage Shop

As retail is heading towards a more sustainable future, we helped our client develop and pilot a new sustainability initiative within the industry. As consumers began recognizing our clients' new initiative, online sales volume increased.

35% Increase in Online Sales

T Shirt Rack

Working with our clients, we discovered low employee loyalty. We worked closely with executives and store managers to redefine the company's culture and methods to continuously measure employee morale.

30% Increase in Employee Morale


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