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Night Club Chain

Amcea worked with a night club chain group that held many different night clubs within their portfolio to implement new business models for each club to exhibit exclusivity yet inclusivity, simultaneously.

Disco Ball

With so much competition, our client's clubs were struggling to meet their revenue goals. Working with each individual night club, we designed different customer experiences to drive attraction for each club's demographic. Our focus was to incorporate exclusivity and inclusivity, simultaneously. This new experience not only brought in new customers and interest, but also helped the club upsell their services. Within 6 months, our client's clubs' revenues increased by 45% altogether.

45% Revenue Growth


To match the new business models, we created new pricing and promotional strategies. Additionally, as this was a large change in business model, we created a strict risk mitigation plan to follow. Standards needed to be met to move on to the next step. This helped reduce the cost of implementation and allowed us the flexibility to pivot when needed. Post implementation and operational changes to improve efficiency, we were able to help our client reduce expenses by $300k.

$300k in Cost Savings

Girls' night out

Following an internal analysis, we conducted organization reformation to improve employee morale. To successfully implement the new exclusive, yet inclusive business model, we provided training to employees so that they could embody the new business model and learn to emotionally connect with customers. In culmination, customer satisfaction increased by 35%. 

35% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Disco Balls

The new promotional efforts and business model attracted many new customers. The unique customer experience our client's and their employees implemented allowed the clubs to consistently maintain the increase in foot traffic.

47% Increase in Foot Traffic


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