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Vegan Burgers

Packaged Foods Manufacturer

Amcea worked with a packaged meats manufacturer to expand it's product line to incorporate other packaged products and snacks. We also worked with our client to design an innovative B2C customer experience lifecycle that attracted a new customer base and increased customer satisfaction.

Meat and Dairy Products

Amcea worked with a packaged meats manufacturing client to design new product lines that would attract their current customer base and 2 other markets. Since our client was just shifting into focusing more on the B2C market, we helped them design a more interactive virtual B2C experience lifecycle. Since this was a new concept for our client, we created a risk mitigation plan to help reduce the expenses required to implement until it reached certain stages. Within 1 year, our clients revenues grew 48%.

48% Revenue Growth


During our implementation phase, we found operational processes that could be improved to reduce expenses. We also helped our client develop new promotional and pricing strategies targeted towards B2C customers which reduced their previous expenses. With the improvements, new strategies, and risk mitigation plan we were able to reduce their expenses by 40M. 

40M in Cost Savings

Meat Appetizers

Our clients revenues were decreasing from B2B sales, so we focused heavily on their B2C business model. With the development of new promotional material, pricing strategies, product lines, and B2C lifecycle experience, customer loyalty increased and online sales increased by 78%.

78% increase in online B2C sales

Raw Meat with Rosemary

With the anticipation of focusing on B2C customers, our client wanted to ensure they were capturing a large enough market and creating a niche to attract their target market. Through our market research and customer data analytics, we were able to help our client develop new product lines that promoted sales in all areas. The new products exceeded our client's sales goals by 67%.

Exceeded Sales Goals by 67%


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