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Paper Products Manufacturer

Amcea worked with a struggling paper products manufacturer to develop an innovative customer experience for B2C customers, elevate the B2B experience, and resolve low profit margin issues.

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Our client worked with both B2B and B2C customer segments. With a primary focus on their B2C model, we helped our client develop products targeted specifically for their target market and a customer experience lifecycle to encourage customer satisfaction and loyalty. We also helped our client elevate their B2B model to gain a competitive advantage. With the new strategies implemented, revenues increased by 54% within 9 months.

54% Revenue Growth

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We noticed that our client's raw material costs were higher than average even though our client should have had greater buyer power over their suppliers. Additionally, prior to implementation, we created a risk mitigating sequence model for our client. This allowed us to implement all our recommendations while reducing the costs of implementation. This, in culmination with process improvement for operational efficiency, our client saved $13.5M. 

$13.5M in Cost Savings


With new products and services our clients quickly raised their B2C sales. Furthermore, with the new customer experience strategy implemented, B2C clients were intrigued and more willing to purchase products and services. As the industry moves towards sustainability, our client implemented a sustainability initiative that attracted greater customer loyalty.  

30% Increase in Online B2C Sales

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Working with our client, we performed organizational reformation. Post reformation, we worked with the executive team to provide additional and consistent employee training as well as greater incentives. We also provided customer service training to employees that would be leading the new service offerings.  

38% Increase in Employee Satisfaction


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