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Skincare Products

Consumer Products Industry

Amcea worked with a large consumer products company to develop an online and in-store immersive experience for their product lines and to expand into the organics market and into the men's skincare market.

Organic Beauty Products

With our client, we helped them develop a new promotional and branding initiative focused on health and organics. Furthermore, we developed an immersive experience to be implemented in all stores and an online experience to provide better customer satisfaction. With these new initiatives, the company's overall revenue increased by 53%. 

53% Revenue Growth

Beauty Products

During our implementation phase, we found operational processes that could be improved to reduce expenses. We also helped our client develop new promotional and pricing strategies targeted towards B2C customers which reduced their previous expenses. With the improvements, new strategies, and risk mitigation plan we were able to reduce their expenses by 40M. 

$7.5M in Cost Savings

Organic Soap Bars

Working with our client's customers, we noticed a lack of customer satisfaction, primarily in the company's customer service and delivery department. Working with the company's employees, we helped them better understand how to assist customers and redefined the company's culture. With general process improvement, we helped the company quickly increase their customer satisfaction.   

47% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Natural Soap Bars

Working with our client and their customer base, we helped them develop needed products to enter the organics market and men's market based on their customers needs.​ The new product lines exceeded monthly sales expectations by approximately 35% within 3 months of new product launch.

Exceeded Goals by 35%

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