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Why work with a small consulting firm?

When companies begin exploring consulting services, one of the initial considerations often revolves around the choice between a boutique consulting firm and a large, well-established one. Companies may ponder several questions such as:

  1. Does a small consulting firm possess sufficient expertise?

  2. Will they have the manpower to meet our needs?

  3. With a team of only 2-5 people, how can they complete our project promptly?

  4. What are the cost implications of engaging a boutique firm?

  5. What advantages does a large firm have over a smaller one?

  6. Can a small firm dedicate enough time to our project?

  7. How quickly can a small firm address our issues compared to a large firm?

These questions are crucial for companies as they evaluate their consulting needs.

Amcea is committed to establishing close relationships with our clients, recognizing the significant value and importance of these partnerships. We prioritize transparency and inclusivity, ensuring clients are involved at every stage of the process. This collaborative approach is critical, as our clients entrust us with their business endeavors. Understanding the stakes involved, as both service providers and business owners, we prioritize a personalized consulting experience.

We can only answer the above questions from our perspectives and experiences.

  1. Addressing the concerns companies may have, no consulting firm, regardless of size, can claim to possess all the knowledge. At Amcea, our client selection process is uniquely structured. As a boutique consulting firm focused on revenue growth and specializing in corporate, product, and customer experience (CX) strategies across various industries, we demonstrate a readiness to venture beyond our conventional industry boundaries. This flexibility stems from our deep-seated commitment to assisting clients and our enthusiasm for discovering and understanding new sectors. For each engagement, we undertake thorough, up-to-date research, ensuring that our solutions are precisely aligned with the prevailing economic conditions and the specific needs of our clients. This meticulous approach guarantees that our strategies are not only relevant but also impactful.

  2. Concerning manpower, we ensure we do not overextend; we take on a manageable number of clients to guarantee focused attention. Our ability to complete projects efficiently stems from our strategic client management and dedication to meeting set timelines.

  3. From a cost perspective, we offer competitive pricing, particularly beneficial for small to mid-sized businesses, as costs are customized based on the client's specific needs, size, and the services required.

  4. As a boutique firm, we are much more cost effective for small and mid size businesses. Since our services are aligned to our clients' unique problems, there is no set costs. Many factors need to be considered, for example, size of the clients' company, number of employees, the services provided.

  5. We pride ourselves on selecting clients with whom we share a genuine interest, allowing us to invest deeply in their success. This approach not only facilitates a higher investment in outcomes but also enables us to provide extensive support and adapt services as necessary.

  6. In terms of project completion, smaller firms like ours often deliver faster results and quicker time-to-value due to our agility and reduced need for extensive coordination across large teams. Most projects at Amcea are completed within 3-6 months, though more complex implementations may extend up to a year.

  7. Small firms are recognized for their ability to complete projects rapidly, thereby offering a faster time-to-value (TTV). The agility of smaller teams often results in expedited project completion due to reduced complexities in task coordination, communication, and collaborative efforts. In smaller teams, less time is consumed by administrative processes such as assigning tasks, updating team members on changes, and synchronizing efforts to produce cohesive outputs. At our company, the majority of projects are successfully completed within a 3 to 6-month timeframe. Depending on the complexity and scope, some projects may extend up to a year to ensure thorough implementation and quality results.

There are numerous advantages to partnering with a small firm, and the decision to work with either a large or small firm ultimately hinges on your specific needs and objectives. If you value a close, collaborative relationship with a consultant who is deeply passionate about their work and committed to your success, a small firm may be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if your priority is to have a straightforward, transactional interaction focused solely on task completion, a larger firm might better suit your requirements. In either case, selecting the right firm should align with your strategic goals and the nature of the consultancy relationship you wish to cultivate.

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