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Supermarket Aisle


Amcea worked with a Supermarket chain to rebrand, develop new promotional opportunities, and enhance the in-store and online shopping experience to increase competitiveness.

Supermarket Carts

Working with our client's customers and understanding the location's demographic needs, we helped our client rebrand to reach their target customer base. We developed a niche experience for their customers that they could not get from any other supermarket in the area. This resulted in a 53% growth in revenue.

53% Revenue Growth

Shopping Cart

With a better understanding of our client's customers' needs, we were able to forecast the ideal inventory to maximize profits and implemented an initiative to save the supermarket $79M. 

$79M in Cost Savings

Gas Station Shop

Working with our client, we designed a virtual immersive shopping experience. 

24% Increase in Online Sales

Rows Of Green Shopping Carts

To implement the niche experience, our client's employees needed to have a distinctive and positive persona. With low employee morale, we worked with our client to create incentives that would boost employee loyalty and morale without exceeding their budgeted payroll expenses.

65% Increase in Employee Morale


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