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Chain Restaurant

Amcea worked with an upscale restaurant chain to strategize its expansion and develop new innovative techniques to boost performance in current restaurants.


4 Additional Locations in 1.5 year

Working with our client, we developed a strategy to help our client expand to the West Coast with multiple stores within two years. After a year and a half, our client successfully opened its fourth location. With each location, we designed and implemented different customer experiences based on our clients' visions combined with the demographics' values.

$9.5M in Cost Savings

With new product positioning, pricing and promotional strategies, and operational efficiency,  we helped our client reduce unnecessary costs in current operations by approximately $9.5M.

340% Revenue Growth in 2 Year

Understanding the demographic differences and customer needs of the West Coast, we helped our client cultivate a new pricing strategy and promotional material to attract the new demographic. Furthermore, the unique customer experiences we implemented at each location was a success. Following our plan of action, our client's revenues grew by 340% within 2 years.

37% Employee Satisfaction

By developing new employee incentives and opportunities, our client increased their employee's satisfaction by 37% within 3 months.

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