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Winery and Alcohol Retailer

Amcea worked with a winery to develop and launch a new business model that better fit the needs of its local customers. We also worked with their brick-and-mortar retail shop to develop new strategies to promote its products and promotions.


160% Revenue Growth

Working with our client's store customer base, we redefined its ideal buyers’ personas and developed a new pricing and promotional structure. We then helped our client design and implement a luxury customer experience for the winery. Within 1 year, our client's, combined store and winery, revenues increased by 160%.

45% Winery Visitation Growth

Working with the winery’s current customer base, we developed niche activities to provide guest with a more luxury experience. With new marketing initiatives, the winery's visitation rate rapidly grew by 45%.

$7.2M in Cost Savings

We helped our client develop new promotional and pricing strategies that aligned with their customer's values. Alongside process improvement for operational efficiency and risk mitigation strategies, our client reduced their expenses by $7.2M. 

Exceeded Sales Goals by 47%

With data collected from both the winery and retail store, we helped our client develop a new product line that focused on meeting the demands of the consumer.

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